We don't think there's any news that really measures up at the moment. Health, wellbeing and employment are rightly uppermost in people's minds so we have been quietly working away to keep ourselves focused and engaged and AudienceQ in great shape...more than can be said for the lockdown waistlines of the team!

For now, we'll just share the most important headlines from the digital media world - to help you stay informed, supported and doing business.

AQ's take on Apple's Privacy Updates in iOS 14 (Graphic) and the potential impact on in-app advertising

At the Worldwide Developers' Conference 2020, Apple made key announcements around increased user control and choice on data sharing.

Apple iOS 14 will allow users the option to share their precise or approximate location. Details on how the tracking feature will be deployed are pending.

AudienceQ's data & customer insights are powered by our proprietary geo-location platform, "Allspark".

Allspark uses a combination of AI and data from 1.6 billion users, globally, to enable brands to curate diverse audiences, across geographies, based on large-scale, real-world data sets. It tracks home/work location, brand affinity, visitation frequency, period, time of day, geo-radius and much, much more.

Do more, go deeper, with confidence

Allspark's strength lies in offering actionable intelligence that is derived from accurate and high-quality consumer data - without compromising end-user privacy.

Even with the latest announcements by Apple, we will continue to provide a reliable data ecosystem that not only enables our customers and partners to reach their business goals quicker - but always respects the consent of the consumer.

What does this mean for AudienceQ's partners and customers?

The Allspark platform has always offered its users highly accurate data while maintaining a wide scale. Adjusting to the latest announcements by Apple will simply align privacy alongside the scale and accuracy of AudienceQ's Allspark data.

  • Most of the location data that Near receives from its partner ecosystem is from apps that require precise, consensual location information to render services.
  • AQ has strong, strategic alliances t HOME uses consumers' historical, real-world interactions to allow advertisers to target individuals at home - or wherever they are.

AudienceQ’s core offering employs location intelligence to reach audiences. Historical and real-time data tracks trips to shops, restaurants, car showrooms and a raft of other points of interest. With many weeks of lockdown now behind us we have richer, more comprehensive data than ever before on home locations too. HOME couples this data with the real-time tracked intelligence giving new, deeper insight into users’ preferences and needs.

For example, AudienceQ offers data segments of people who visited fitness centres, trainer shops,museums or gigs,before lockdown.

With HOME, brands can reach consumers who are having to stay put just now but are still spending across their favourite stores and platforms. So HOME makes campaigns doubly targeted and personal.

To find out how you can activate across AudienceQ's HOME today, please call or email now…..